Make A Custom USB Flash Drive Out Of Glass With A Microwave Kiln

Flash drives can come in all sorts of fun shapes and sizes (my current favourite is shaped like R2-D2), but wouldn’t it be cool to make one with your own design? With a microwave kiln and some glass you can. In this video from the Shake the Future YouTube channel, you’ll learn how to melt down glass from a bottle and use it to form a custom USB flash drive exterior. Start off by safely cutting off some pieces of glass, then make your flash drive-shaped mould out of some fibre paper. The microwave kiln will melt the glass around the mould, and once it cools, you can glue your case-less flash drive into its new home. The video demonstrates the most basic of shapes (the rectangle), but you can make a fibre paper mould for the outside of the glass into any shape you like, or buy kiln-safe moulds online if you want something that’s really complicated. Microwave kilns aren’t exactly dirt cheap, of course, but you can grab a decent one for around $100.

DIY: USB Glass Flash Drive [YouTube]

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