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It can be difficult to grasp how long fifty years are without context. So when you hear that the number gets filed away as "a long time" which isn't helpful at all if you've also filed away a millennium as "a long time". Being told a styrofoam cup takes fifty years to decompose is easily forgettable. Being told that a styrofoam cup takes the lifetime of an African elephant to decompose is a fun little bit of trivia.


Your garbage smells bad. If you get one of those airtight lidded bins, your garbage only smells bad when you open it, releasing a wet rancid fog right into your face. The best fix is to separate your food waste and store it in the freezer. But unless you're composting that food waste, that's too much work. Instead - or also - add some essential oil.


Cleaning out your house is a monster job, physically and mentally. Every decision to toss something becomes a reckoning of your lifestyle. Even when you decide to get rid of a hat, a DVD or a vase, you have to decide whether to give it away, sell it or actually toss it. Today let's just focus on the easy decisions: The stuff you can actually throw away, recycle or (good for you!) compost.


Garbage bags can be slippery characters, and fishing around inside a pile of rubbish to retrieve the edge of a bag is a pretty unpleasant task. To prevent this very gross situation from happening to you, try one (or more) of America's Test Kitchen's bag-securing techniques.