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Internet connectivity is never a stable speed. Between off-peak and high traffic hours it can be impossible to get a good connection. In order to rectify this you generally need to know what your internet speed is at any given time, but why do they differ so much site to site?


If you aren't checking your Internet speeds on a weekly basis, you might not know when there's a problem. You aren't likely to notice a difference between 150 Mbps and 80 Mbps download speeds when you're browsing websites, watching (1080p) YouTube, or chatting with friends, but if you're downloading a huge Fortnite update, why drive in the slow lane?


Many development teams have established .dev domains for testing their software. But a recent change means these connections will no longer work unless they are secured. While that's a good move - dev environments can be just as damaging if successfully attacked as production - this will mean many developer teams will need to make changes to their test environment.


The following test was developed by US psychologists to identify 'supertaskers' -- people who excel at completing cognitive tasks simultaneously. According to the study's results, just 2 per cent of the population are truly capable of supertasking, with most people's brains unable to handle the overload. Take the test yourself to see if you're that rare breed of human.


Apple's buyout of Burstly, developers of app testing platform TestFlight, is presumably good news for the founders. But it's not such good news for developers using the service for Android apps: that option will disappear in March 21.


A/B testing is the practice of changing two variants in online advertising in an attempt to maximise conversions and gain more sales. It's something companies do regularly. There's a right way and a wrong way to perform an A/B test, though. If you aren't maximising your conversions, you're doing it wrong.


One of my consulting clients has often complained that the applications the business uses aren't bullet proof. Given the amount of money this organisation spends on IT, it's their view that application bugs are unacceptable.


Internet Explorer remains a widely-used browser, but testing for compatibility can be a pain if you're on a non-Windows machine or prefer to stay inside another browser. The recently-launched modern.IE site helps test sites for IE compatibility, letting you enter any site address and receive suggestions on how to ensure it renders in IE.


Testing is one of the most crucial parts of software development, but it's often neglected because seeing if something works is less sexy than building it in the first place. Whether you're an amateur developer working on a mobile app or a corporate manager with a large-scale project in mind, remember these guidelines to ensure your testing process goes smoothly.