How To Access The Government’s Online Coronavirus Test

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to infect more people, many of us are concerned that we may be infected if we show any cold of flu like symptoms. To help us determine whether that sniffle or cough is coronavirus or just a regular cold, the Department of Health has created an online symptom checker to help you assess whether you need a coronavirus test.

The government’s coronavirus symptom checker, which is delivered through the HealthDirect agency’s website, asks you a series of questions such as gender, age, recent travel and whether you’re a healthcare worker.

Once you go through the series of simple questions, it tells you what risk level you’re at for infection.

In my case, I was at very low risk despite having a slightly runny nose – which wasn’t surprising given I’ve not been overseas for a while and haven’t knowingly been in a risky situation.

If you’re not feeling well, this is a good place to start to self-triage. But if you’re still worried, there is a national hotline you can call on 1800 020 080. But don’t call unless you genuinely are concerned as health services are currently under the pump.


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