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Most full-time employees spend around half their waking hours at work. It is therefore perilously easy to slip into depression if you aren't enjoying your job. Here's some advice to help you get into the right headspace and rise above the negativity.

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Australians, as their reputation for being laid back indicates, are among the least stressed workers in the world. A survey of 23,000 office workers globally, commissioned by specialised global recruiter Robert Half, shows Australia ranks, with a score of 52.4 on a scale of 100, only second to the Netherlands with a 55.9.


Once confined almost entirely to seafaring vessels, mutinies were later co-opted by writers of all sorts of science-fiction. We've seen them in everything from Star Trek to Star Wars, but one real life mutiny has actually occurred in space. So what did the mutineers do? They turned off all the comms for a day and watched the world go by, literally.


'Weightless' is an eight-minute relaxation track created by therapeutic sound therapist Lyz Cooper. According to a study by market research firm Mindlab International, it is capable of reducing the listener's anxiety and physiological resting levels. If you're feeling stressed about the start of a new work week, give it a burl.