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Ring is well known for their connected doorbells. I looked at the Ring Video Doorbell 2 earlier this year and really liked it. So, when the opportunity came to try out the Spotlight Cam so I could add a connected security camera outside my home I jumped at the chance. And while I did hit a couple of bumps in getting started, I think this makes a great addition to my home security.


There are literally hundreds of security cameras on the market. If you've been looking at cameras for a while, you'll be familiar with Swann. They've been making home security gear for a long time. The Swann Smart Security Camera is a security camera that can be used indoors and outdoors and boasts wireless operation. Here's what I found after a couple of weeks of testing.


One of the easiest ways to get into the world of smart home devices is to invest in a security camera. Google has been making a big play to embed smart, connected devices to the home through Google Home and their acquisition of Nest. The Nest Cam IQ integrates into the Nest app and includes facial recognition and very sharp images.


One of the fastest growing smart home product groups is security cameras. it makes sense now that high quality sensors are falling in cost and the technology that's needed to bring a connected camera to market is commoditised. That also means it's hard to make a product that stands out. The Netgear Arlo Go, offers a high quality camera but throws in a solar power option, weather-proofing and cellular comms so it can be remotely deployed where your Wi-Fi doesn't reach. Here's Lifehacker's review.


As I continue on my quest to put together a smart home, filled with useful, connected gadgets, I've been focussing a lot of my time on home security. This is because it has any easy business case. You want something that can monitor what's going on when you're not home, alert you if there's something unexpected happening and record the action so you can investigate later. One of the first cameras I looked at was the Reolink Argus. Now, I've had a chance to play with its successor -the Reolink Argus 2.