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Many parents spend the winter furiously checking Forecast Bar, awaiting that moment in the future when their kids can finally go outside instead of watching that same episode of Peppa Pig for the 18th time or asking you: "Do we have any more glitter? I spilled all of mine on the carpet." Not Reddit user aggregate_jeff. To help beat cabin fever, this dad built an indoor play structure in his house.


Imagine yourself at a climbing wall: You head straight up, carefully grasping each handhold and foothold, a rope connecting a harness around your hips to a pulley above. The only problem: You don't know who's going to be on the ground holding the other end of that rope. And so, like many would-be climbers, you stay home. Alone.


Rock climbing changed my life. Crazy to think that; crazy to say that -- that this niche pursuit gave me so much. Made me a better person, but it’s the truth. Rock climbing literally changed my life.