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Dear Lifehacker, I know a lot of online reviews can be fake, and others are just written by angry people. How can I separate useful reviews from crappy ones? I don't want to avoid something good because someone lied, but I don't want to throw my money away either.


The Star Wars saga has been adored for decades, spawning a ton of merchandise based on the epic sci-fi universe including figurines, LEGO, video games and even toilet decals. Now with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there is yet another opportunity for enterprising companies to make money from the franchise. HP is one of them. The vendor has released the Star Wars Special Edition HP 15-an007tx, a notebook with added Star Wars bits. Spoiler alert: this isn't the laptop I'm looking for.


Microsoft markets its Surface Pro series as tablets that can replace your laptop. While previous iterations haven fallen short of this promise the newest family member, Surface Pro 4, comes pretty damn close. I spent two weeks using the Windows 10 device as my main work computer and while I enjoyed using, I did have a few gripes with the tablet. Read on for the full review.


Navman's SmartGPS is a 5-inch Android tablet — running quite an old version of Android — that syncs over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi with your smartphone, giving you turn-by-turn driving directions and live traffic updates, as well as extra info like the cheapest petrol nearby and any cafes and restaurants in the area. But is it still worth buying a standalone GPS in 2014?


If you spend a lot of time travelling, finding a great bag that can handle clothes, toiletries and your tech can make life very easy. We've just updated a very well travelled and worn backpack with a new STM Revolution.