Wedgie-Free: The Best Comfy Undies for Women and People Across the Gender Spectrum

Wedgie-Free: The Best Comfy Undies for Women and People Across the Gender Spectrum

There’s this pervasive idea that sexy undies are just silky, lacy lingerie that’s itchy and rides up your crack. For some people, they really are the pinnacle of sexy. But one person’s sexy is another person’s wedgie nightmare. The most truly sexy undies are comfy undies that make you feel confident, look the way you want them too and are comfortable enough so that you actually wear them.

There are a lot of people who find that sexiness in trunks for women and other vagina-operators. Whether you’re trans, non-binary, or just prefer long underwear, the good news is that you’re no longer confined to navigating the men’s department, whose undies come with extra features that can sometimes get in the way. There’s now a whole world of butch underwear.

This is one of the reasons why Aimee Hansen and Kate Bradley started Humxn. They had been looking for undies that suited their style and, despite having no experience in clothing design, spent around two years honing their skills and finding local factories and suppliers that could make their dream come true.

“Why do we have to wear men’s clothes? We may prefer it, but it still doesn’t fit right, and you can still create a fit that will fit an AFAB (assigned female at birth) body, but isn’t too feminine or too fitting, yet it accentuates all of our features,” Hansen said.

“We started it to be gender-affirming, so we call them flat fit, because not everyone who wears our underwear is going to identify as female.”

A key aspect for her was making sure she was serving not just the queer, cis, female community, but people from across the gender spectrum. “We’re not creating cuts that accentuate body curves, or anything that’s overly feminine,” she explained. Part of that was having a slightly higher cut, and making sure the elastic was tight enough to stay up, but not so tight it created the dreaded muffin tops.

Half of this list is quite pricey — unfortunately undies outside the mainstream are often quite expensive. According to Hansen, this is one of the perils of trying to be ethical and high quality, while being a small business. “We’re in that tricky situation where we want to offer the best product we can. We bought quality materials that will last, and they’re made in Brisbane, but we can’t order enough to get those lower prices,” Hansen said. Another part is that Humxn undies are made out of organic cotton.

After years of searching the world for the comfiest, sexiest undies, least wedgiest undies, here are my findings.


MeUndies with Jurassic Park Pattern
Comfy undies from MeUndies. The patterns are pretty cool! (Image: supplied)

Price: $US20

Size: Runs small, for sure. I’m a Bonds 16, yet a MeUndies XXL, so that’s going to rule a lot of people out.

Fit: Somehow, despite having slightly longer legs than normal undies (2.5”), they still give wedgies. I think this might be because of how the seam is sewn down the crack. The legs themselves also roll up a lot because of the lightweight fabric.

Range: Lots of colours and styles, and options of the 2.5” boy shorts, and some more traditional undies.

Verdict: When they were the only shorts-style undies I knew about, I could put up with their flaws. But the MicroModal fabric can irritate very sensitive skin (it’s always best to use cotton on your genitals), and the legs constantly roll up. I don’t recommend them if you have medium-large thighs.

Where to buy them: On their website. You can get a subscription, if you want.

Bonds BoyFit

A model wearing BoyFIt style comfy undies from Bonds
Comfy undies from Bonds. (Image: supplied)

Price: $17.95

Size: Since I’m comparing everything to Bonds sizing, they sure do run true to size.

Fit: They’re quite a nice fit. I do wish they had a little more leg, but they’re a great pair of starter undies if you want to enter the realm of boy shorts, and they’re the only kind on this list that you can easily attach a pad to without buying a special variety.

Range: The BoyFit range has always been limited, and it’s not available in all stores. It also costs a bit more than the usual BoyLeg undies. Bonds does usually make a rainbow version around Mardi Gras, though, and that’s nice. They also come in period undies.

Verdict: It is frustrating that they’re more expensive than BoyLeg undies, and you can’t get them in multipacks, but they’re a great place to start. They’re relatively easy to find, much cheaper than everything else on this list, last for years, and are comfy as hell (even if they can also be prone to riding up a bit).

Where to buy them: Bonds website and some department stores.


A model wearing rainbow comfy undies from TomBoyX
Comfy undies TomboyX. (Image: supplied)

Price: $30-$53 (depending on style and exchange rate)

Size: These run pretty true to size, and I land somewhere between a medium and large.

Fit: There are three main TomboyX styles: 4.5” trunks, 6” boxer briefs and 9” boxer briefs. I have all of them and find the 4.5” can roll up a bit on larger thighs, but the 6” and 9” stay in place even while doing weighted squats at the gym.

Range: There are *so* many colours, as well as period styles and swim trunks. TomboyX has a whole Gender Euphoria range that will suit most people at any stage of their transition, including compression tops, undies for packers and undies for tuckers.

Verdict: I love TomBoyX undies. I do have a couple of issues with some of the seams if I’m being extremely picky, but for a very long time I considered these the best undies around. They’re now the second best. The brand has a range to suit almost everyone, they have sizes going from XS to 6XL, and I love them. They also frequently have sales, and although shipping is expensive and takes ages, I’ve ordered from them many times before and will do again.

Where to buy them: TomboyX website.


A model wearing comfy undies from Humxn
Comfy undies from Humxn. (Image: Supplied)

Price: $47.90

Size: Runs about what I would expect. The large is perfect on me.

Fit: I went for the 6” Antics Boxer Briefs and they fit perfectly. The cotton is nice and thick and feels good quality, the stitching is in all the right places and doesn’t rub. The elastic really does hold without cutting in.

Range: Because the company is so new, the range is a bit limited with just two styles and four colours. But, that said, the colours are fun and the 4.5” and 6” covers most of the range of what people are after (though I do hold out hope for a 9” one day for winter).

Verdict: This are the best undies I have ever owned. They’re soft, comfortable and extremely well made. Because of the weight of the cotton, I get the feeling they’re going to last longer than my TomboyX ones. Most importantly, they look and feel good. I wholeheartedly recommend them, especially when there’s a now there’s a buy three bundle deal on.

Where to buy them: Humxn website.

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