• Do You Need a VPN Kill Switch?

    Do You Need a VPN Kill Switch?

    In the last few years, VPNs have gone from a niche data security tool to an everyday product you’ll see advertised on any vaguely tech-adjacent YouTube channel or podcast. But while there are many viable VPNs available commercially, their feature sets differ, and some are better suited for certain online activities than others.

  • Dealhacker: Get PureVPN For $1.99 A Month!

    Whether you’re conscious about online security or just want to access American Netflix, a virtual network provider (VPN) is absolutely essential. One of the fastest and most reliable options in Australia is PureVPN, which we recently shortlisted as a top five VPN provider of 2019. PureVPN’s pricing is usually pretty steep – as the adage…

  • PureVPN Responds To Security Concerns

    Last week, I reported on research conducted by VPN Mentor, saying some VPN services were not as trustworthy as we’d like to think. One of the companies that was outed by VPN Mentor, PureVPN, has responded saying that the issue has been resolved and was caused by an issue with Firefox.