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The gap between Australian and American streaming service libraries are continuing to grow, as more and more networks are moving towards creating streaming services of their own. To best get around this, many Aussies are taking to VPNs.


VPN software is pretty much mandatory these days. If you connect to any network that you can't 100 per cent trust, then you need to have VPN access - plain and simple. PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based provider with over 750 servers around the world that supports a wide range of different VPN protocols. And we've got two great deals for PureVPN that are exclusive to Lifehacker readers.


Last week, I reported on research conducted by VPN Mentor, saying some VPN services were not as trustworthy as we'd like to think. One of the companies that was outed by VPN Mentor, PureVPN, has responded saying that the issue has been resolved and was caused by an issue with Firefox.


Whether you're conscious about online security or just want to access overseas streaming services, a virtual network provider (VPN) is absolutely essential. One of the fastest and most reliable options in Australia is PureVPN, which we recently shortlisted as a top five VPN provider of the year.

PureVPN's pricing is usually pretty steep - as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. But not today. For a limited time, you can score up to 80% off a range of PureVPN plans and pay as little as $1.91 per month. Here are the details!


I suspect many people will be questioning the terms and conditions of their VPN service after revelations that the supposedly non-existent logs of one provider were used to track an alleged criminal.