PureVPN Responds To Security Concerns

PureVPN Responds To Security Concerns
Image: PureVPN

Last week, I reported on research conducted by VPN Mentor, saying some VPN services were not as trustworthy as we’d like to think. One of the companies that was outed by VPN Mentor, PureVPN, has responded saying that the issue has been resolved and was caused by an issue with Firefox.

In the story last week, issues with IP address leakage were raised. This cornered PureVPN’s Firefox bowser extension.

PureVPN has responded saying

The Firefox browser, by default, has an inherent limitation where it makes it almost impossible to identify and differentiate remote and local hosts. Our intention was to allow users the freedom to access all local domains conveniently while using our extension.

However, since the research was done by VPN Mentor, PureVPN’s Firefox extension was updated, on 7 March 2018, to fix the issue.

This is good news and it highlights a couple of important things.

It is very challenging for end-users, even experts, to easily test VPN solutions and ensure that they are behaving exactly as intended. And, updating your software regularly is critical. Web browser plug-ins are an easy thing to let slip but any security-related browser extensions, regardless of your preferred browser should be regularly checked.

That might mean you’ll need to close down all those tabs you keep open “just in case” so that you can perform all required updates.


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