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To-do lists keep track of tasks we have to do, but they hardly ever provide actual motivation. A small tweak to your productivity method can solve that problem pretty quickly. All you need to do is start maintaining a "break list" instead, and you'll find yourself more eager to get things done.


Hi Lifehacker, I recently purchased a few 15"x10" prints from DeviantART websites, but now I have no idea which frames or frame sizes I should get to hang them in. I've looked through a few frames and none of them would really fit, what should I do?


Lifehacker readers and writers are a tech-savvy bunch, and many of us can't imagine living without the keyboard shortcuts that save us so much time every day. They're so useful that it's often hard to watch a less-knowledgeable friend or family member point and click their way to everything. If you want to get them on board with keyboard shortcuts, print out this handy cheat sheet so they always have it around for quick reference.