The Chores Kids Can Do, By Age Group

The Chores Kids Can Do, By Age Group

Even kids as young as two can help around the house. If you’re not sure what kinds of chores to assign your little (or big) kids, this printable chore chart offers age-appropriate suggestions.

Depending on your child, some of these may be very optimistic. (I’m not sure it’s wise to give toddlers the utensils and dishes to set on the table.) But otherwise the chart can be a starting point for discussing with your family how to pitch in.

The printable PDF is linked at the bottom of the post below on the Modest Mom blog.

Our Morning Chore Routine [The Modest Mom Blog]


  • Some items definitely seem optimistic for the average child, and having read the linked blog post it seems the author doesn’t actually have her children do these things either.

    It’s rather pessimistic on other items though; my two year old already does a number of the items from the higher brackets with no problems, and “put away toys” from the 4-5 list actually strikes me as both easier and safer than some items from the 2-3 list.

    • The full article this links to contains a longer image covering additional age groups including that one.

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