Plan Your Kid’s Outfits Ahead Of Time With Printable Daily Dividers

Plan Your Kid’s Outfits Ahead Of Time With Printable Daily Dividers

Getting all of your kids out the door in the morning can be hectic. Save some time in the morning by having your kid’s outfits planned ahead of time and organised with these dividers.

Laura at weblog Make Life Lovely created some simple, printable designs you can use to hang in your kid’s wardrobe and divvy up outfits for weekdays (whatever you like for really young kids, uniforms for the school-age ones). You could also use the hangers for your own closet too. To download the printable dividing hangers, check the link below.

Kids Daily Outfit Hanging Closet Organisers + Free Printable [Make Life Lovely via Apartment Therapy] Photo by Laura.


      • Because it’s neurotic. If a parent plans your daily outfits with custom printed dividers, they’re probably micro-managing every other aspect of your life too, from tutors, extra-curriculars, play dates, balanced diets and ‘structured fun time.’ Oh, and they’ll be working on your university applications while you’re still in diapers. I know, because my own mother was a slightly less extreme version of this.

        • Fair enough!
          I guess it’d depend on how neurotic they are. If they’re simply planning outfits because the child is too young to choose their own clothes, and like to be organised, I don’t see a problem with it.

          If you’re old enough to dress yourself and your mum is hanging particular clothes for particular days and telling you that’s what you’re to wear, however, is a tad extreme aha, and yes, I’d hate to be this persons child.

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