How Much Of Your Income Do You Spend On Technology?

We're spending more on tech than ever, which is good news for geeks: the more consumers who buy into tech, the cheaper it gets. But just how much of your income do you spend on technology?

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According to Gartner, in 2011 the typical household spent 3 per cent of its income on technology. That's way up from 1980, when the figure was just 0.8 per cent, and is expected to increase to 3.5 per cent by 2015. We're wondering: where do you sit relative to that figure?

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    Would you include bills as part of the payment? eg. iphones or ipads on a postpaid plan

    I like how 'a reasonable amount' is the smallest option available.

    I'd say I spend a lot less than 3% on tech - but I'm a big fan of repurposing free stuff, and work supplies my phone and tablet needs..

    i claim all my expenses on tax, working in IT helps

    Would you include the power bill as spending on technology?

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