How Long Will You Wait For An Online Store To Load?

How Long Will You Wait For An Online Store To Load?

Online shopping is much faster and more convenient — unless the store you’re buying from is slower than Slowy McSlow on the slow bus to Slowtown. If you’re buying something like tickets you might have to suck it up or use sneaky alternate methods, but just how long will you wait around on a regular shopping site?

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A survey of 500 Australians conducted by Roy Morgan (and sponsored by hosting provider Rackspace) suggests that 44 per cent of us will leave a shopping site if it takes more than 15 seconds to load. That number rises to 70 per cent at 30 seconds, and 90 per cent at a minute.

15 seconds is a mighty long time when you’re staring at a screen, so I’m surprised the number isn’t actually higher. But I’m wondering more broadly:

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Feel free to expand on your reasoning in the comments. As a side note, 90 per cent of respondents said they shopped online for themselves rather than for others. You’re missing out on good-value gift options there, people!


  • I expect a site load time of under 15 seconds, otherwise I’m out of there.
    (unless I’m on a mobile connection which will obviously take longer- but I don’t do shopping off my phone)

  • i do the majority of my shopping online, and 100% of my price comparison…if a retailer wants my business they need to care about the service they provide…15 seconds would be my limit

  • It depends on a number of things
    1) What else am i doing at the time
    2) How badly do i want the item
    3) What is the price differential

    9/10 times im multi-tasking so i have at least 8 tabs open i only goto the the store’s tab when its signified its finished loading, or im working at the same time with the shop window open on the other monitor.

  • Pretty much given up on catchoftheday
    Whenever there is anything good for sale, their servers constantly crash so its just not worth it.

  • Would this have anything to do with the Giz lunchtime deal at JB-HiFi, ’cause that site takes soooo fricken long to place orders.

  • Depends on if I’m browsing or looking for something specific. The Adobe site was a little slow the other night due to Photoshop CS6 being released, but that’s what I was after so I waited. But if I’m looking around for something, then if I have to wait more than 10 seconds, I’m on to another site.

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