Are Smaller Businesses Less Confident?

Running a successful business is tough no matter what size it is. Recent data suggests that size affects confidence, with smaller Australian businesses less buoyant about the year ahead.

Picture by Tony Fischer

The Sage Business Index 2012 (which we've already touched on once this week) asked 503 businesses if they were more or less confident about the year ahead compared to the same time a year ago. (The businesses were statistically matched to their overall proportion in the Australian market.) 36 per cent said they were more confident, and 37 per cent said they were less confident.

However, those figures varied markedly depending on business size. For small businesses, 32 per cent were more confident, and 28 per cent were less confident. In large businesses, 58 per cent said they were more confident, and just 20 per cent were less confident. Size also impacts technology plans: the most common technology spending plan for small businesses was a web site upgrade,

That's interesting, but I'm curious whether that matches up with Lifehacker readers' experience.

Feel free to expand on your thoughts and reasoning in the comments.


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