Outlook.com Finally Has Skype Built In

Outlook.com Finally Has Skype Built In

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Microsoft rolled out a trial version of this option back in August last year, but that was only supported in a limited number of countries. Now the option works worldwide, and also has built-in HD calling support.

To use Skype in Outlook.com, you’ll need to install a browser plug-in. You’ll also need to have merged your Microsoft and Skype accounts, though if you’ve used Skype at all in the past year, that’s likely to have happened already.

Skype Brings the World Closer Together, One Inbox at a Time [Skype Blog]


  • As cool as it is, I actually find it really annoying! On several occasions when I’m using Skype I forget about my email tab being still open – Then when someone calls me/or I call someone the ringing continues infinitely on the Outlook.com tab even if the call is answered on Skype itself. (Have to close the tab to get rid of it)

    Just a strange quirk of having 2 instances running.

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