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The former mobile kings at Nokia have unveiled a new mid-range Android dubbed the 7.1. It boasts some pretty impressive specs for the asking price - including inbuilt HDR. If you're not looking to drop $2000 on a new smartphone, this one could be worth a look. Here are the Australian specifications, price details and release date.


Remember that cool, curved, sliding phone Neo was sent in the Matrix? Want to be that cool and don't care about whether it means sacrificing modern smartphone conveniences like a front camera and unlimited apps? Want to play Snake?? Welcome to Nokia's revamped nostalgia bomb 8110. Here's where and when you can get it in Australia.

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For all those people wandering around our great Australian cities and spewing they can't watch a streaming video over 4G because of network access and congestion - we've found a place where you can get access to a brand new 4G network that isn't being hammered. The downside - you'll need to travel about 384,000km to get there. Nokia and Vodafone are teaming up to put 4G on the moon.


Mobile World Congress is the big show when it comes to all things mobile. Whether that's laptops, smartphones, tablets or retro gadgets, this is where everyone that isn't Apple unveils their latest and greatest products. This year has been no exception, with Nokia, Huawei, and others all showing off the mobile hardware we'll be coveting for the next year.

Here are the five new products that have us intrigued and grabbed our attention.


I've been using the new Nokia 3310 3G as my primary phone for a full work week, and it's been like living in a localised time distortion field where I was in 2000 and everybody else was 17 years ahead. As someone with an appreciation for retro technology I thought this might be an interesting — or even refreshing — experience, but it was borderline intolerable.


If it wasn't such a laugh, you'd cry. NBNCo, the company that will be delivering a patchwork of network technologies in order to bring fast broadband access to all of us has conducted a test using technology from Nokia that could deliver 10Gbps performance - if only FttP was on the menu for all of us.


We all know Microsoft's phone business has been floundering and it has all but written off its US$7.1 billion acquisition of Nokia. In May, the company announced it was selling its feature phone business to a subsidiary of Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn but Microsoft has not given up on making Nokia handsets just yet. It has just launched the Nokia 216, a feature phone that will appeal to developing markets. Here are the details.


PayPal is the latest company to ditch support for “fringe” phone operating systems: Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Amazon’s Fire OS. This decision comes on the heels of Microsoft’s announcement of getting rid of a further 1850 jobs; mostly from the remnants of its acquisition of Nokia. It was the latest terrible business decision from a company that is fighting its slow slide to irrelevance...


After years spent fading away in a Microsoft-controlled wilderness, Nokia is looking to resurrect its consumer brand via a third party. There will be new phones and tablets, and they're reportedly coming to Australia. Here's what we know so far.