Where To Buy The Nokia 8110 ‘Matrix Phone’ In Australia

Where To Buy The Nokia 8110 ‘Matrix Phone’ In Australia
Image: Roadshow Entertainment

Remember that cool, curved, sliding phone Neo was sent in the Matrix? Want to be that cool and don’t care about whether it means sacrificing modern smartphone conveniences like a front camera and unlimited apps? Want to play Snake?? Welcome to Nokia’s revamped nostalgia bomb 8110. Here’s where and when you can get it in Australia.

The 8110 is the second in Nokia’s Originals line after the trusty Nokia 3310 brick revival, part of Nokia’s surprisingly effective plan to just time travel back to a time when they were the market leaders in mobile phones.

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The 8110 is best known for its gratuitous cameo in The Matrix, where it instantly became the phone everyone needed in their lives. Otherwise, you may just appreciate that the yellow model is basically just a banana.

Where To Buy The Nokia 8110 ‘Matrix Phone’ In AustraliaImage: Supplied

The ’90s classic has now been reinvented with modern luxuries like 4G, wi-fi and hotspot capabilities.

Loaded with handy apps like Gmail, Outlook, Google Maps and, of course, Snake, the Nokia 8110 is just smart enough that even smartphone addicts might be tempted to downgrade. It runs on the entry-level Qualcomm 205 platform, and flaunts its advantage in the battery department with up to 25 days battery on standby.

You can get your hands on a Nokia 8110 for just $129 from September 20 onwards. The phone will be available in Australia at Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Big W and Officeworks.

Would you trade down your smartphone for Neo’s banana phone? Let us know in the comments!


  • How do you ever carry this in pants’ front pockets? Either the top and bottom ends dig into your leg if you put it in facing inwards (which should be a bit of a feat for all but the baggiest pockets) or push against the fabric of the pants most unseemly. Guess you’re supposed to carry it half-way out of the pocket like a douche?

      • I briefly considered that before deciding that between the discomfort of sitting on a hard curved piece of plastic and the anxiety over breaking said piece of (expensive) plastic by sitting on it, the front pocket scenarios were slightly more palatable.

  • I will absolutely be getting this. I’ve been meaning to “downgrade” to a feature phone for a while now, especially in light of this:


    I know my creativity has all but disappeared and I also know its down to filling all my spare mind moments with distractions. I will be retiring my smartphone and moving to this, knowing that I can still have access to email (if I really want to) and use it as a hotspot in an emergency.

    EDIT: No spring loaded slider? I’m out.

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