The Nokia 9 Will Have Five Rear Cameras

The Nokia 9 Will Have Five Rear Cameras
Image: Evan Blass via Twitter

Nokia has never been shy about talking up the capacity of their smartphones to take great pics. But over the last few years, the evolution of multi-camera systems that rely on some clever software has allowed smartphone makers to create camera arrays that can take great photos in almost any conditions. That’s led the former mobile phone giant to introduce a five-camera array to the back of their latest flagship model, the Nokia 9.

There’s little doubt that this year will see every flagship handset arrive with at least two cameras. I expect three to be the sweet spot by the end of the year although four camera systems such as the Samsung Galaxy A9 are already here. But leaked images reveal the Nokia 9 will boast five cameras. The leaked photos reveal there are actually seven positions in the array with one likely to be an LED flash and the other a sensor array that allows the five snappers to work in unison.

Leaked images from Evan Blass and MySmartPrice show us what to expect from the new Nokia 9.

Whether all this, along with a somewhat ho-hum spec sheet that suggests Nokia is planning to release it’s 2019 flagship with 2018’s Snapdragon 845 processor and not the new 855, will be enough the save the former market leader to recover fully from its near-death experience under Microsoft’s management is doubtful.

Today’s smartphone market is dominated by Samsung, Google, Apple and a number of strong challengers including Oppo and Huawei from China, as well as LG.

With Mobile World Congress just a few weeks away, the expectation is that Nokia will make an official announcement abut the product’s release around that time. But given it’s running some of last year’s tech and sports somewhat chunky top and bottom bezels, it will need to undercut the leaders on price to gain a foothold.

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