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It’s Google I/O time, the annual smorgasboard of all things Android. This includes updates to the mobile operating system, newer (and cheaper) smartphones, various smarthome gadgets that are helpful (with a few caveats), and news about the latest additions to Google’s plate—including its much-anticipated Stadia game-streaming platform and the debut of Android Auto that’s finally front-and-center in a real, you-can-buy-it vehicle!


How many people put a sticky note over their laptop webcams because they’re worried about someone spying on them? Rumours of hackers accessing webcams and USB microphones are ever-present in today’s technological world, but it’s even worse when the manufacturer responsible for a connected camera is the one leaking videos of you.


A major battle is taking place in the world of tech. On one side, there's Amazon - the online shopping juggernaut that now provides the world with a massive portion of its cloud computing needs as well as lots of other associated products and services. On the other there's Google - the search engine that has shifted into becoming a major provider of cloud services as well as dominating online advertising.

The two are also clashing over control of the next generation of tech for the home. As a result, Amazon has pulled sales of the Nest range of smart home accessories from its store.