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After 1230 games, sixteen of the NBA's best teams remain, chasing rings and the chance to hold up the Larry O'Brien trophy. The NBA Playoffs kick off this Sunday morning, Australian time and it's probably going to be one of the most evenly contested playoffs series we've seen for some time. Take that for data.


The basketball courts in Pyongyang look like basketball courts in Australia or Europe or the USA. At both ends there is a ring with a net and a backboard. The rectangle court is marked down the centre and two arches rise from its baselines - the three point arc.

But in North Korea, the so called Hermit Kingdom, basketball has an entirely unique set of rules, where extra points are handed out for slam dunks and for swishes.


Basketball fans are revving up for the 2017-18 NBA season, which kicks off tomorrow morning in Australia with a huge double-header: Boston plays Cleveland and the Rockets face off against the perennial superteam, the Warriors. Yes, the countdown to the season proper is well and truly on, so for NBA fans in Australia that want to catch all the NBA action this year, we break down the cheapest way to stream the NBA here.