• Take More Midday Naps

    So-called “nanna naps” are often seen as a sign of weakness or the onset of doddering old age. However, there is mounting scientific evidence to suggest daytime naps can improve health, productivity and general well-being. This infographic explains the biological reasoning behind short snatches of sleep, along with different napping styles to help you find…

  • Take A Nap To Solve Problems That Have You Stumped

    Ever been told to ‘sleep on it’ when you were struggling to make a decision or come up with an idea? A new study suggests this is actually a great idea – your brain may in fact be able to process information during naps that it’s not even consciously aware of. That’s right, you have…

  • The Pros And Cons Of Napping, Explained

    Catnap, kip, snooze, siesta; whatever you call naps, there is no doubt these once frowned-upon short sleeps are gaining acceptance. But how useful are they in reality? And are they beneficial or detrimental to your overall health? Let’s take a look at the science.