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KFC is re-imagining Mexican nachos as 'Chachos' - a cheese-and-salsa laden snack that substitutes corn chips for chicken tenders. If you're salivating at the thought of this fast food mashup, we've got some unfortunate news: you can only buy it between the hours of 2am and 3am from a food truck in Melbourne CBD. No, really.


Shoveling food in your mouth is the most effective way to beat hunger pangs, and nothing shovels better than a nachos. All nachos are good, but nachos built on a bed of Nacho Cheese Doritos are excellent.


Nachos are a perfect snack for parties or the big game. If you try to melt cheese all by itself, however, you'll end up with an oily, greasy mess. You can get the flavour of your favourite cheese, and the silky smooth texture of the processed stuff, with the help of a little chemistry.