How To Make American-Style Nacho Cheese At Home

Nachos are a perfect snack for parties or the big game. If you try to melt cheese all by itself, however, you'll end up with an oily, greasy mess. You can get the flavour of your favourite cheese, and the silky smooth texture of the processed stuff, with the help of a little chemistry.

This video from the Reactions YouTube channel tells you everything you need to know about making the perfect nacho cheese at home. Place a pot on your stove and bring it to medium-low heat. Then add one cup of your favourite beer and two teaspoons of sodium citrate, stir, and bring to a simmer.

Then add four cups of your favourite cheese (cheddar, colby, and jack all melt really well), and stir until it all mixes together. If you want to bring the heat, a few diced peppers can be added as well. Now your cheese sauce is smooth, creamy, and ready for game day.

How to Make Next Level Nacho Cheese [YouTube]


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