KFC Is Selling Chicken Nachos… In One Location At 2am

KFC Is Selling Chicken Nachos… In One Location At 2am

KFC is re-imagining Mexican nachos as ‘Chachos’ – a cheese-and-salsa laden snack that substitutes corn chips for chicken tenders. If you’re salivating at the thought of this fast food mashup, we’ve got some unfortunate news: you can only buy it between the hours of 2am and 3am from a food truck in Melbourne CBD. No, really.

The KFC Chachos is a snack-size box of KFC’s Original Recipe Tenders topped with avocado, Supercharged Sauce, Nacho Cheese Sauce and fresh tomato salsa. KFC sent us a sample this week and we can confirm they taste goddamn delicious.

They’re spicy and juicy with the fresh tomato salsa undercutting the oily goodness of the chicken. We’re slightly ashamed to admit that we also enjoyed the American-style cheese sauce – it’s the same stuff you usually get from dodgy hot dog stalls in LA. Terrible but glorious.

Surprisingly, they actually look pretty moreish for KFC food. It’s definitely a big step up from KFC’s previous attempt at nachos, which we charitably described as surgery leftovers mixed with week-old garbage. Feast yer eyes below:

There is a pretty big caveat, however. As mentioned above, KFC has made the riot-inducing decision to limit the Chachos’ availability to a single location in Melbourne. For one night only. At 2am.

They’re calling it a “daylight savings food truck party” and I’ve never wanted to punch Colonel Sanders in his wrinkly bollocks more.

Here are the details direct from the chicken’s mouth:

With our precious long and warm days about to end as daylight savings leaves us, most Aussies are hard pressed to justify a celebration – but KFC is saying ‘BUCKET, why not?’ and making sure summer goes out with a bang!

The party will feature the KFC food truck, tunes from local DJs and will be more importantly, serving up a one-off Aussie-first, the KFC ‘Chachos’ AKA chicken nachos.

Kicking off outside the State Library in Melbourne’s CBD between 2.00am and 3.00am on Sunday 7th April, it will be the only hour that Australians can taste KFC ‘Chachos’…ever!

Located right near to Melbourne’s bustling Central Station and some of the best bars in town, passers-by will be able to make their way into the laidback space with beanbag seating and chill out music to keep the fun of their night alive.

So to summarise, the only way to get your hands on KFC Chachos is to swing by Melbourne’s State Library at 2am this Sunday. We asked KFC if it will be launching the product nationally, but apparently this will be your one and only shot. On the plus side, the product will be completely free.

In all seriousness, we reckon the KFC Chachos are worth staying up ’till 2am for. Flying to Victoria, however, is a bit harder to justify. But for party-loving Melbournites, we advise checking it out.

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