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Dear Lifehacker, How can I use my motorcycle to make some extra cash? I don't have a car so Uber is out of the question. I looked into Deliveroo but it's surprisingly difficult to find out how to become a rider for them. What are some ways I can use a motorcycle to earn money?


Dear Lifehacker, What is the legal status of wearing in-ear headphones while riding a motorcycle in NSW? Maybe my Google-fu is slipping, but I can't find a solid answer. I'd like to use headphones to hear the GPS on my phone, especially when travelling to new areas. But, I'm a law abiding rider (I even obey the stupid laws!), and I don't want any trouble from the police. Please help!


On the weekend, my motorcycle was knocked over. Over a ledge, actually. The lady that hit my bike claimed that it wasn't her fault since my motorcycle shouldn't be parked where it was in the first place. It was an unmarked spot, yes, but there were no signs that told me I shouldn't be parked there. This leads to a broader question: Is it legal to hit an illegally parked car? Let's find out.


Dear Lifehacker, Are there any good dash cams specifically made for cyclists? I'd imagine the same tech could be used for motorcycles but I'm having trouble finding models in Australia. Do you have any suggestions or am I forced to strap a GoPro to my helmet?


The Australian Standard used to certify safety for motorcycle helmets is extremely tough and it's expensive for helmet manufacturers to obtain the certification. This has deterred international brands from releasing a wide variety of helmets in the local market. So what happens when you want to buy and use a helmet from overseas? Is it even legal to do so? We find out.


Last year, Max Lichtenbaum in Victoria was fined by the police for having a GoPro camera attached to his motorcycle helmet. He took the matter to the Victorian County Court which led to questions around the legality of consumers putting attachments on their helmets. The landmark case has been going back and forth for some time but now motorcyclists and cyclist finally have some clarity over this part of the law.


Motorcycles and scooters are becoming increasingly popular and one of the reasons is they're easy to park. More designated motorcycle parking spots have cropped up around metropolitan areas but some riders will still try to fit their vehicles into any nook they can find (never mind the legalities around that). But if a motorcycle or scooter parks you in, is it okay to move it?


Motorcycle Awareness Week is a campaign that brings attention to the risks motorcycle riders face on the roads every day and how to manage them. While it's a New South Wales centric campaign, we're all for promoting road safety for motorcyclists so we're throwing our support behind it by doing a round-up of the top five motorcycle-related articles on Lifehacker Australia.


Riding a motorcycle has a lot of perks. It’s liberating to lane filter past rows of cars stopped at traffic lights, you can easily find parking for your bike on the street and riding is just fun in itself. But motorcyclists have very little protection if they are unfortunate enough to be involved in a crash. We have some pointers on what you can do to help if you do come across a motorcycle accident.


When I first jumped on the back of my friend's motorcycle, I was aghast when he would weave in and out of traffic, often creating a lane of his own between two cars. I could see the disdain on drivers' faces as we zipped passed their cars. "Are you allowed to do that?", I asked when we hit the stop light.