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Feral animals -- non-native species that are roaming in the wild -- pose a major challenge to the Australian ecosystem. Throughout January, the ABC is collecting data on feral animal sightings to build up a picture of where feral animal populations are located.


In the GPS world, nothing much comes for free, but Navigon's new iPhone direction-finding app comes close: you can install it for nothing and check out a pretty comprehensive set of Australian maps.


Cyclists and geography geeks will want their very own Frida V - the Free Ride Data Acquisition Vehicle. This project's website describes the project like so: 

"Frida V. is a rugged and comfortable bicycle equipped for efficient exploration and mapping of public urban spaces. It carries a small computer, GPS positioning device, 802.11 wireless network transciever and a basic audiovisual recording unit. The consolidated software and hardware assembly enables automated mapping of stumbled wireless networks, easy creation of location-tagged media and opportunistic synchronization with a server resource on the internet. In other words, let the warriding and rideblogging begin!"

As the Make blog notes, all of the open source software and hardware design for the bike can be downloaded from the Frida V. Wiki. Nice.