Help The ABC Map The Feral Animal Population

Help The ABC Map The Feral Animal Population

Feral animals — non-native species that are roaming in the wild — pose a major challenge to the Australian ecosystem. Throughout January, the ABC is collecting data on feral animal sightings to build up a picture of where feral animal populations are located.

The reporting covers eight categories of animals, from the obvious (cats) to the predominantly rural (wild pigs). You can submit your reports through the site, Twitter (with the hashtag #feralmonth), email or via text.

ABC Feral Month


  • What a fabulous idea to map feral species across the country. The city of Brisbane has a lot of deer which cause local landholders a lot of problems e.g. ringbarking trees, eating plants, trashing vegetation, and a threat of motor vehicle accidents. Red, rusa and fallow deers occur in the western suburbs of Brisbane.

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