Australian Postcode Decoder Zooms In To Show How Postcodes Are Created

If you want to know the postcode for a given location, you can find it out with Australia Post's search site or some quick Googling. But if you want to see how postcodes are constructed, the Australian Postcode Decoder offers a neat graphical representation.

As you type in each digit of the postcode, the site zooms in, so you move from state to region and down to the exact location. It would be nice if the site showed the actual names that applied — many postcodes cover more than one suburb — but it's still an interesting tool.

Australian Postcode Decoder


    Hmmm... Pity it crashes FF on the third digit! At least it does with mine!

      Oh Queensland postcodes, thine art my bane. 4871 covers 1/4 of the bloody state.

    That is more enjoyable than it has any right to be.

    I also feel incredibly sorry to any postman that has to work the 0872 region.

    Doesn't work for corner cases like the Australian National University, ACT - postcode 0200

    Reddit post by the creator.

    A large slab of Tasmania does not have a postcode, and yet the outback is fully covered. Does that mean Australia Post has no obligation to deliver to Melaleuca, Tas?

      To be fair some of the NT doesn't have house delivery. For example all mail deleivered to 0860 (Tennant Creek) is either put in PO Boxes or behind the desk.

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