Siri Can Work On iPhone 4. Will Apple Allow It?

Siri Can Work On iPhone 4. Will Apple Allow It?

iPhone developer Steven Troughton-Smith managed to port Siri to iPhone 4 as shown in the above video, but Apple is not currently authenticating Siri commands from iPhone 4. This means that you can certainly install Siri on your iPhone 4 but the digital personal assistant will not respond to your inquiries.

Tech bloggers are speculating that Apple may wish to only allow Siri to connect to their servers using the new iPhone 4S even though there is no technical reason that iPhone 4 and iPad 2 should not be able to use the feature. Perhaps Apple will introduce Siri to these devices once the 4S has been available for a few months.

Siri voice command system ported from iPhone 4S to iPhone 4 [9to5 Mac via Gizmodo]


  • I wonder how long until there is a workaround. Always seemed pretty stupid really to only allow Siri on the 4s.

    Silly Apple, you almost got rid of all the good reasons to jailbreak your devices, and then added a massive reason for it.

  • Seems like there are less and less reasons to jailbreak, but iPhone 4 users might be lured back to Jailbreaking to get Siri, and that (I think) would be contrary to what Apple would appear to want.

    Apple should seriously consider which way they want this to go.

  • If it’s a case of needing an iPhone 4S to connect to the server I doubt jailbreaking will help. They would have to trick the server into thinking you have a 4S, which would be tricky since each one has an individual ID.

  • At the moment, a lot of the marketing for the new Iphone 4S revolves around how special it is to be able to run this. That impression is important to apple, so I don’t really see this being something which will be allowed any time within at least the next year…

  • what would be cool is if we could run Siri Server on our personal computers, and use a Siri client on a Phones (phone agnostic this could be).

    Our PC’s could do the grunt work and that would be that. I don’t even see Apple losing out considering that once iPhone 4 sales plateau they won’t be losing any revenue from releasing this.

    • I’d say that the probability of this happening approaches zero. Why would apple ever risk the Siri server software becoming public?

      Plus, I believe that Siri is currently in Beta, meaning they want users to test it out, and the data they gather will aid in further developement towards a full release.

      It looks like that is why Siri is switched off by defaulton the iP4s. When you turn it on you are agreeing to participate in a Beta trial so that Apple can get into on where it needs to improve Siri.

  • See.. this is why I decided on Android. No, I’m not Apple bashin, just making a point. I got sick of iTunes, I got sick of the restrictions Apple imposed and this is just another imposition. It’s my phone/computer and I just want to do whatever I choose to do with it.. is that too much to ask? Clearly it is when it comes to Apple products, so I decided on Android.

  • Someone pointed out that by giving it to 4s users initially it would he less stress on the servers.

    So they might eventually roll it out. And I’m hoping they do but I won’t be betting on it.

  • I just purchased a I-phone 4 and then 3 weeks later the 4S comes out. Durp! Anyway, I would like a male version of Siri how about Sergey, come on Apple, or any App Guru’s out there get to it. 🙂

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