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Netflix's Fast.com web app is one of the simplest ways to test your mobile and broadband speeds - whether you use Netflix or not. From today, you can also use the app to measure your connection's latency (lag/ping) and upload speed. This will help to give you a more comprehensive view of your internet connection speed...and whether ISP congestion is to blame.


The last thing you want when you settle down to binge-watch Orange is the New Black is buffering or lag on your Netflix video stream. With that in mind, these are the tricks you need to be aware of to minimise the chances of that happening. Most of these tips apply to any video streaming site, so you can reuse them for Hulu and YouTube too.

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Switching to the NBN is not a choice, despite what one in three Aussies think. Once a property is deemed "ready-for-service", you have 18-months to switch over from your existing internet and phone connection.

With the NBN ramping up the roll-out of the network over the last few years, it means that this cut off is looming for nearly 100,000 Australians throughout the next few months.


The Ookla Speed Test Global Index has released its figures for December - and once again Australia has tumbled down the ranks. Our fixed broadband speeds are now 55th in the world; behind the likes of Slovenia, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Guam. Despite everything the NBN promised, we are floundering below the global average and continue to slip further each month.


Are you ready for Australia's spring rain broadband blues? It's been a dry winter, but the spring downpours are set to trigger the seasonal ADSL slowdown as Telstra's pits flood – drowning the country's ageing copper network. Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot home users can do about it.


Eight years into the Australian government’s National Broadband Network (NBN) project, the nation has an average internet speed – 50th in the global rankings – that lags well behind many advanced economy countries. Ongoing secrecy around the NBN, a project that’s likely to cost more than A$50 billion, makes it impossible for the public in most cases to know when and what quality service they will receive. Further, new research shows the NBN rollout was politically motivated and socioeconomically biased from the beginning.

It is perhaps time to remind ourselves of the ups and downs of the project that was once announced as a dream national infrastructure project for the 21st century. This requires a ten-year journey back in time, before we can figure out what needs to be done next.


Poor bandwidth makes downloading content and working in the cloud impractical. Like many Australians, these are two activities that have become critical to the way I live my life. When the NBN skipped my house because it was in the older stages of the estate I live in, I decided to take matters into my own hands.


Optus is calling its cable broadband customers in newly NBN-ready areas and threatening both telephone and broadband disconnection in 30 days – including the permanent loss of their home phone number – if they don't migrate from Optus cable to the NBN network. The calls come before those customers have received a "Ready For Service" letter from the NBN indicating they can sign up with their internet service provider of choice.


As the copper phone network goes from bad to worse, decent broadband is still years away for many Australians. If your phone line is slowly failing but the NBN is still years from your street, what's your fallback broadband plan? As I personally discovered, the available options aren't great...


nbn, the company responsible for the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN), has just released its financial results for the last financial year. After heavy scrutiny and relentless criticism over the past year, nbn was determined to show the public that the NBN deployment is well on-track, that the company was financially viable and that FTTN is the right technology for the network. Here's what you need to know about nbn's financial results.