The Cheapest NBN Plans For All Speeds

The Cheapest NBN Plans For All Speeds

NBN announced this week that over half of the nationwide rollout is now complete, meaning that regardless of what you think about the current state of the NBN, half of the people reading this can connect, and probably should.

Don’t forget you have options when you switch. Findings from a Choice survey also released this week (convenient timing) showed that despite Telstra having far more customers than any other RSP, it also has amongst the lowest customer satisfaction. Respondents who use Telstra for internet believe Telstra offers below average customer service and represents poor value for money. And yet, they remain rusted on to the big T. What is it they say about the definition of insanity?

And for what it’s worth, Dodo customers weren’t much happier.

The point is, if you think your RSP is poor value for money, it’s time to move on. And if you have less tech savvy family members who feel trapped because they don’t feel confident to make a switch, it is your duty are a card-carrying geek to step in and help out.

To wit, here are the cheapest NBN plans for all the available speed tiers. Keep an eye on the setup costs as these differ a great deal from provider to provider.

NBN 12 (100GB+, no contract, WiFi modem included)

Amaysim has a great deal if you get in before the end of July, otherwise little-known Teleron is good value for money. If you’re looking for unlimited data in your plan, prices start from about $55 to $60 per month. Click on View Full Results to find those plans.

NBN 25 (100GB+, no contract, WiFi modem included)

Crowd favourite Internode makes the cut for plans with 25Mbps downloads, though Teleron still has more data for a few bucks less each month. Again, you don’t have to add much to the bill to get unlimited data; Amaysim is cheapest at $60 per month.

NBN 50 (100GB+, no contract, WiFi modem included)

AusBBS is at the bottom of this list, but is probably the pick of the litter. Not only does this plan include unlimited data, but the setup costs are comparably quite low.

Aussie Broadband is another good option, and if you need more than 100GB of data each month you can add another $10 and up this to 500GB per month.

NBN 100 (100GB+, no contract, WiFi modem included)

When it comes to ‘Superfast’ NBN, MyRepublic is the talk of the town, and it’s easy to see why. $70 per month is a great price for NBN 100 and unlimited data, plus the setup costs are pretty reasonable too. AusBBS is the next closest for a matching NBN 100 plan with unlimited data, and it costs $85 per month.

Of course, price is only one aspect of a good NBN plan, so leave a message in the comments if you have a personal experience to share. Especially if you’ve had a positive experience. There’s so much negative press about the NBN at the moment, it’d be nice to hear from people who are having a good time with it.

Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.


  • When it comes to ‘Superfast’ NBN, MyRepublic is the talk of the town

    On Whirlpool, they’re getting slagged for poor customer service. On the other hand Aussie Broadband seems to be good with cust service and capabilities.

    • That’s the thing with internet forums though. There is a survivorship bias in that customers who are happy, don’t bother to go to forums. Only the unhappy people are motivated enough to make the effort to go to forums to make a post.

      • There are plenty of happy AusBB customers who post about their positive experiences on forums….

      • Signed up to MyRepublic for the “fast” speed.
        Knew I wouldn’t George it full 100gb, but was sure it would still be good speed for the price.
        I mean surely you couldn’t deceptively advertise 100gb if you couldn’t provide a service anywhere near it. Surely.
        Nope. Couldn’t even achieve ADSL2+ speeds.
        Called them to cancel after 3 days.
        “No, we can’t guarantee internet speeds will be better than ADSL” they said on my recorded work telephone…”We won’t even charge you the 1st month because you’re cancelling so soon”.
        But what turns up 3 weeks later. Invoice for the 2nd month.
        Now after multiple efforts to contact them, and a complaint via the TIO, I’m still to receive my money back.
        Good times.

      • You are definitely unhappy, because lots of people are happy to comment in forums, it is communicating, which lots of people like to be involved in, your comment is merely assuming that other people are like you, and you don’t even know them .
        Please explain what is, “the thing with internet forums” ?

    • I’ll chime in as one of the happy Aussie Broadband customers. I had iiNet ADSL2+ at a previous property, but just moved to a FTTP property and took up an Aussie Broadband 100/40 plan (I’d heard about peak congestion issues with other providers). Their customer service is better than any other service providers I’ve ever dealt with. And not just sales support, but responsive/knowledgeable tech support, too. I’ve also never speedtested at less than 95/35, and ping is a pretty constant 15ms.

      • I’m in the sameish boat – iinet ADSL 2+ to Aussie BB (albeit FTTN). They’re coming over to connect me today 🙂
        Hoping for a similarly good experience. Customer support so far has been awesome. Maybe they’re the new iiNet!

  • If I get a NBN50 plan from company A, will it be the same speeds as a NBN50 plan from company B, or is there ISP level speed control?

    • I don’t think the speeds will be the same. I’m not a technical person but i’ve read something along the lines of “each company buys a certain amount of capacity on a wholesale level. if company A sells that same capacity to more users than Company B, then A speeds could be lower than B, as more users on A than B.

  • Don’t go with MyRepublic they have horrid contention rates and bad QOS.
    I cant even game on their gamer plan
    When you try and complain they say there’s no issue. And its hard to prove because cause they have QOS prioritized the servers so while all other websites and online games totally suck, speed test works fine…
    I’m in the process of leaving them.
    Waiting 45 mins to get to someone who says call them back tomorrow really isn’t acceptable when this is the 5th call. You always have to chase them up.
    Also their ’email team’ is 3 weeks behind and will respond with “sorry for the late reply, if you still have issues call us”

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