• If Mosquitoes Love You, Maybe Switch Soaps

    If Mosquitoes Love You, Maybe Switch Soaps

    Mosquitoes really do like some people more than others. Some of the features that make you a mosquito magnet aren’t ones you can easily alter — your body size, for example, or the natural smell of your skin. But a study has found that scented soaps may also make a difference, and that’s something you…

  • There’s a ‘Shrew Virus’ Now?

    There’s a ‘Shrew Virus’ Now?

    This week, the New England Journal of Medicine reported that at least 35 people in northeastern China have been infected with newly-named virus, Langya henipavirus (LayV). Given the last few years, we can all be forgiven for freaking out at the news of a viral outbreak, but thankfully, there isn’t much to worry about —…