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  • How to Fix Windows 10’s PC-Breaking ‘chkdsk’ Bug

    How to Fix Windows 10’s PC-Breaking ‘chkdsk’ Bug

    Who would have thought that one of the more useful troubleshooting tools in Windows 10 — good ol’ chkdsk — would itself become wrapped up in a paralyzing bug that could brick your PC. Not me, that’s for sure, given the “Check Disk” command is typically used to scan for and fix errors with your…

  • The Best Disk Space Analyser For Windows

    If your hard drive is starting to fill up, you may be wondering what exactly is taking up all that space. That’s where a disk space analyser comes in: it scans your disk and shows you, in graphical form, where all that space is being wasted, giving you an idea of where to start cleaning.

  • What Computer Specs Really Mean

    Image: Alex Cranz/Gizmodo Buying a new computer, upgrading or troubleshooting on older system can leave you trapped in a mess of acronyms, jargon and numbers that may look like English but can leave you baffled. We looked at some of the key specs on modern PCs and used our nerd-to-human translator to help you make…

  • How To Upgrade Your Computer With A New Drive

    How To Upgrade Your Computer With A New Drive

    Drives fail. And no matter how many backups you have, losing a drive when you’re in the middle of working on something important — my namesake’s law — can be a real pain in the arse. Thankfully, replacing your old-and-busted drive with a brand-new drive is one of the easiest upgrades you can make.