Make A Houseguest Guide With Alexa

The Houseguest Guide on Alexa Skill Blueprints lets you program your Alexa to answer questions for housesitters, babysitters and other guests. You can explain the TV remotes, the garbage routine, and the trick to make the shower work, and Alexa will wrap it all inside a Houseguest Guide skill.

Hang Your Guests’ Coats Over The Tub

When you have a few guests over to an apartment, and you don’t have a dedicated coat rack, coats usually go on the bed. But if it’s wet out, and you have a nice bedspread, grab some hangers and have guests hang their coats from the shower curtain rod over…

Why You Should Never Say ‘Sorry’ To House Guests

When inviting people into our homes, it can be easy to view everything with super-critical eyes. It’s natural to want to apologise for these supposed shortcomings, but the word “sorry” should never escape your lips.