How To Use Google’s New GIF Search Tools

How To Use Google’s New GIF Search Tools

Google released several new GIF search tools that should make it much easier to find the exact animate image you’re looking for. Users can use the tools—which use search data from the Tenor GIF app—to narrow down their search criteria more accurately and get suggestions based on the mood or…

Make Animations With Ease With GIF Toaster

iOS: Making GIFs yourself has always been a pretty involved process either made too simple to suit my desires or too complicated to be intuitive. GIF Toaster blends the best of both worlds, offering more than enough control over the GIFs you’re trying to create in an interface that’s simple…

How To Post GIFs On Instagram Using Giphy

iOS/Android: Instagram is a great place to share all kinds of fun visuals — except for your favourite GIFs. Instagram won’t let you upload them. Fortunately, the Giphy app will let you do exactly that right on your smartphone.