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  • How to Get 3 Months of Free Guitar Lessons from Fender

    How to Get 3 Months of Free Guitar Lessons from Fender

    Back in March, when we were first getting used to the idea of a lockdown and quarantining, people went into their extended time at home with the best intentions. They’d learn to knit! Take up painting! Learn how to bake new pastries and breads! And frequently, learning (or relearning) how to play a musical instrument…

  • Take A Virtual Trip To NYC With These Free Tours

    In the days before COVID-19, New York City was the most-visited city in the United States. But as the epicentre of the outbreak, it is no longer overrun (or even mildly occupied) by tourists. At this point, not even locals are able to spend time in their city, but right now, making a virtual visit to…

  • Should You Get Your Vaginal Microbiome Analysed?

    The bacteria and other microbes that live in the vagina are hugely important to our health, but (like the microbes in other parts of the body) they’re not very well understood. Now, a company is offering free vaginal microbiome reports to women who join their study.

  • Millions Of Free Books Were Just Added To The Public Domain

    Your winter reading list just got more accessible, thanks to a project funded by the New York Public Library. Most books published in America before 1964 are in the public domain because the authors didn’t extend the copyright. And their aversion to paperwork is our gain, because many of these are available for free online,…