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Even when the paid version of an app only costs a few bucks up front, there’s something about paying up for a service you’ve been using for free that can feel like a bridge too far.

Flash sales, where apps are discounted or free for a limited time, are great for getting apps you’ve been eying but won’t shell out hard-earned cash for — and for discovering new tools to increase your productivity (or waste your time more enjoyably). Even if they simply take up space after a single use, free means zero commitment and zero guilt. The trick is to catch those deals while they last.


Every month, Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus subscribers get several free games, which they can continue to play as long as they stay subscribed to the services.

You can claim your free games directly from their respective consoles, but to make sure you don’t forget them, it’s easier to grab the freebies as soon as you learn they’re available each month — even if you’re out of the house. Here’s how.


This is a story about getting ice cream for free. This story will detail how you can acquire said ice cream, from Ben & Jerry's, on the annual Free Cone Day, which takes TODAY. If you like ice cream and want to pay nothing for it, this is definitely the type of article that will help you to do that.


If there's one reliable truth in this harsh capitalist world, it's this: Everyone loves free stuff. Enjoying the finer (and free-er) things is an innocent enough source of joy, but unfortunately, marketers are onto us all. What, you thought it was a coincidence that every product is now trying to package itself under a "subscription service" model, and is also trying to lure you in with a "free trial" that just so happens to still require you to dole out your credit card info?