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Force Websites to Have a Dark Theme in Edge Chromium

You might have a dark system theme; you might have set all of your favourite apps to use a dark theme. Even still, the websites you typically visit might not want to play along, which can be a jarring experience while you’re browsing — akin to someone opening a vampire’s…

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Block Political Ads on Facebook With ‘Social Fixer’

For those of you still Facebooking, get ready for the best news the platform has dropped in ages. If you aren’t already sick of all the political advertising blowing through your feed, you will be soon — unless you take advantage of a new feature that will hide every political…

How To Hide Facebook’s New Avatars

How To Hide Facebook’s New Avatars

I didn’t expect to get so much grief about Facebook avatars, but the comments for my recent guide to creating these new Bitmoji knockoffs made it clear to me how many of you really, really hate these cutesy new stickers.