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The email server is down at work. Within two minutes, nervous murmurs could be heard in the office followed by people sticking their heads up in their cubicles looking like lost lambs. Pretty soon the entire workplace grinds to a halt. Suffice to say email is a critical part of almost every organisation and while businesses are moving many of their productivity applications to third-party cloud providers, there is still some resistance in doing so with emails.


What do you get when Australia’s leading internet challenger joins forces with the world’s leading software provider? iiNet Hosted Exchange: Enterprise-class email for small and medium-sized business, at SMB prices and backed up with award-winning customer service. Just another example of how the cloud is empowering SMBs to work smarter than ever.


Microsoft is updating the built-in Mail, Calendar and People Apps in Windows 8. The most notable changes? Updates that allow those apps to integrate better with Exchange accounts, and also make them somewhat more functional.


ISP iiNet has launched a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange aimed at small business users. That puts it in direct competition with the Telstra-delivered Office 365 service, but despite similar pricing there are some differences between the two products.


Given the rate that Apple trashes Microsoft products, it's pretty interesting that the most significant updates to the iPhone 3G and Mac OS involve adding Microsoft Exchange support. Tech site MacUser reports that the next version of OS X—10.6, "Snow Leopard"—is more of a performance upgrade than feature-packed release, but it will include Exchange server support out of the box for the corporate types who get their email in Outlook. Does this mean your Windows-only corporate office will open its doors to Macs? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Apple Previews Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Developers