Does Your Organisation Trust Hosted Cloud Email Services?

Does Your Organisation Trust Hosted Cloud Email Services?

The email server is down at work. Within two minutes, nervous murmurs could be heard in the office followed by people sticking their heads up in their cubicles looking like lost lambs. Pretty soon the entire workplace grinds to a halt. Suffice to say email is a critical part of almost every organisation and while businesses are moving many of their productivity applications to third-party cloud providers, there is still some resistance in doing so with emails.

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Galaxy Research, commissioned by email management vendor, Mimecast, recently surveyed over 175 IT managers to get their take on cloud email services, particularly Microsoft Exchange Online. While one in five respondents said their organisation was already using Microsoft Exchange Online and 29 per cent said they are preparing to migrate in the next two years, that still leaves a large portion of businesses with no plans to move their emails to the cloud service.

The biggest fear for IT managers when it comes to migrating to a service like Microsoft Exchange Online is risk of email service disruption, with over 46 per cent of respondents saying so. Given that email outages can result in employee dissatisfaction, customer service complaints and even reputational damage, it’s no wonder they’re concerned. All of those things can impact a company’s bottom line.

Is your organisation for or against moving to a cloud-based email service hosted by a third-party? Let us know in the comments.


  • People were most precious about their email going down so we moved everyone over to Google for hosting and have had almost no downtime. We don’t have to worry about managing an exchange server and users can log into their email from just about any device. Many people are also familiar with the web interface. Google also provides an add-on to enable easy Outlook integration.

    Not to mention, they now have unlimited cloud storage with Google Drive now.

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