Microsoft And iiNet Take SMB Communications To The Next Level

What do you get when Australia’s leading internet challenger joins forces with the world’s leading software provider? iiNet Hosted Exchange: Enterprise-class email for small and medium-sized business, at SMB prices and backed up with award-winning customer service. Just another example of how the cloud is empowering SMBs to work smarter than ever.

iiNet customer Jarrad Clark, Director of Phoenix Environmental Science, says his team has been enjoying some important benefits since moving across to Hosted Exchange earlier this year.

“Everything's synced up to our devices, which is really great and has helped increase productivity. It’s about the little efficiencies, like being able to answer e-mails or add contacts on the run and know that everything is up to date on whatever platform I next use. It’s brilliant,” he says. “I have already recommended iiNet to many people, simply for the excellent customer service alone.”

For more information about iiNet’s Hosted Exchange visit or call iiNet on 1300 378 638.

Connect Better With iiNet

"With no contracts and prices starting at just a few dollars per mailbox each month, the service puts sophisticated email within the grasp of every business."

Designed for SMBs with fewer than 200 employees, iiNet’s Hosted Exchange service is a hosted, multi-tenanted version of Microsoft Hosted Exchange that allows new and existing customers to integrate seamlessly with Outlook and synchronise mobile devices and tools for improved team collaboration.

With no contracts and prices starting at just a few dollars per mailbox each month, the service puts sophisticated email within the grasp of every business.

But that’s just the beginning.

In keeping with its ‘connect better’ philosophy, iiNet has put customer service at the heart of this product, focusing on five key areas to ensure its Hosted Exchange experience is the best in Australia:

Australian data centre: iiNet Hosted Exchange platform is housed locally, which means faster transfer speeds and no issues around data sovereignty.

Integrated billing: Customers get an integrated signup and billing experience, combining both iiNet’s billing system with Hosted Exchange. Customers get a single bill for all service charges, eliminating multiple invoices and preventing any confusion or bill shock.

Online signup: iiNet’s customers can sign up to Hosted Exchange quickly via an online sales portal that sees them up and running extremely quickly.

Support: iiNet’s website provides detailed support materials to help customers create and configure their Hosted Exchange service. And of course, iiNet’s award-winning, local customer service team is there to provide Hosted Exchange customers with the friendly, hands-on support that iiNet customers have come to appreciate and expect.

MigrationWIZ: Because most customers need to transition from an existing email platform, iiNet installed an easy-to-use cloud-based migration email tool to help with the transition. If a customer opts to purchase MigrationWIZ ($13 per mailbox), all they have to do is enter their existing email address into the tool and it will perform the migration of their account in the background.

iiNet Chief Business Officer, Greg Bader, says Hosted Exchange is an example of how technology can help business work smarter not harder.

“We’re focused on keeping things simple for our customers while putting them in control,” he says.

For Microsoft, iiNet’s Hosted Exchange service is yet another illustration that, in today’s market, SMBs no longer need to accept scaled-back products and services.

“At Microsoft, we’re passionate about providing choice to our customers and this is a great way for small business and their employees to stay connected wherever they happen to be and on the terms that they want,” says Gianpaolo Carraro, Small and Medium Business Director, Microsoft.


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