Google Adds Support for Microsoft Exchange In Gmail Android App

Google's Gmail Android app can already sync with a host of different email inboxes but one thing that was lacking was support for Microsoft Exchange accounts. The company is to finally fixing this omission with the new Gmail Android app update. Here's what you need to know.

Microsoft Exchange is widely used by organisations to host their emails and adding support for it will help Google ingratiate itself with business users who want to have a convenient place to view their work and personal emails. For the past two years, Gmail had not been able to play nice with Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Outlook app, being able to support Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail as well as Exchange inboxes, had a leg up in that department.

The update is still being rolled out and should hit all of the existing Gmail Android app users in the coming days. Sadly, the Apple iOS Gmail app still doesn't support third-party email providers.

[Via Google Gmail Twitter]


    Not sure if I'm missing something here, but I am pretty sure I've been doing this for many months now in the Gmail app??

      Probably only supported the IMAP version, so calenders and stuff wouldn't have synced.

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