Exchange And Sharepoint Recovery Can Be A Time-Consuming Affair

Exchange And Sharepoint Recovery Can Be A Time-Consuming Affair

Many businesses rely on Exchange and SharePoint, so if those services crash there’s often wailing and gnashing of teeth. However, recovering from an Exchange or SharePoint outage can be a slow task.

A survey of 326 individuals by data recovery firm Kroll Ontrack asked participants how long it had taken to recover from their last Exchange or SharePoint outage. As you can see from the chart above, while one-quarter recovered within two hours, 40 per cent took between half a day and a day. Recovery procedures for production Exchange and SharePoint servers are often complex, with some systems requiring an exact replication of all details in order to function correctly. For systems of this scale, instant restoration is always going to be tricky; having a well-planned backup and recovery process, and testing it regularly, is vital.


  • The way I back up Exchange and Sharepoint is a bare metal backup each night. Restoring takes minutes and then use the incremental backups after that. At best and this depends on the size (smallish here) of your server(s), an hour or less.

  • For small businesses who have crashed Exchange servers that is not a simple fix, it is generally too much work to fix (when paying an IT tech by the hour, this is a concern) compared to moving to Google Apps, so this is what generally happens. I have done 2 or 3 Google Apps installs due to crashed Exchange. I just export the Exchange profile in Outlook to a PST, create a new Outlook profile with that PST open and then migrate the new profile/exported PST to Google Apps using the Migration tool. Google Apps (or Office 365 I’m sure) can at least get email running through the web browser usually within an hour (if I can access the DNS records) until I can come in and migrate the old emails and setup Outlook properly to work with Google Apps instead of having to use the web browser.

    Being on hosted Exchange/365/Google Apps is even better- makes backup amd maintenance someone else’s problem, especially important in small business with limited IT budget.

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