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I first realised something was wrong when I started getting reminders on my iPhone about upcoming appointments at 9 p.m.—not a time I’m typically booked with something to do. And then there were the subjects of the appointments themselves: “Check for herpes,” said one. The second? A reminder to try some NSFW acts with a mutual friend of mine and my roommates.


Now that the second season of Westworld is over, freezing motor functions on a delightful, but somewhat-confusing series for the next year or two, you might feel a bit lost about what you should do next. Find another show to binge? Re-read even more fan theories? Start writing out a delightful old-timey piano cover of your favourite 1990s alt-rock song?


Alexa just got a face. Your face. Alexa is in your face.

Sort of.

Amazon Australia are adding to their Echo line of smart speakers with the Echo Spot, a device that functions just like their previous Echo devices but with a 2.5-inch touchscreen so Alexa can show you things! Here's the rundown.


Now that Amazon's Echo has been launched locally, we have a full set of premium speakers that can be used as home assistants that can listen to our commands and pander to our beck and call. So, how does it stack up against Google's Home and the Apple HomePod, which hits the stores tomorrow? Let's take a look.