Ask LH: How Can I Watch State Of Origin In HD?

Ask LH: How Can I Watch State Of Origin In HD?

Dear Lifehacker, Is there any chance I’ll get to watch State Of Origin live in HD on my TV this year? Thanks, Putting The Boot In

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Dear PTBI,

Alas, no. As ever, the State Of Origin clash is only being broadcast live on Channel Nine — and Nine in its infinite wisdom has decided to only show it on its main channel, which is standard definition. GEM, Nine’s HD channel, will be entertaining non-sports fans with repeats of New Tricks and Spooks. Great use of those resources, guys.

The local networks have been agitating to be allowed to broadcast in HD on their main channel, and there’s a possibility that might happen by 2016.

But there’s a blunt commercial reality here: the lack of an HD broadcast isn’t going to stop people watching Origin, and Nine knows that. Since it has exclusive live rights (Foxtel only gets to show the repeat at 1030), that lack of clarity isn’t going to translate into a lack of ratings — and ultimately that’s all the networks care about.

Cheers Lifehacker

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  • All you need to do is use a VPN, connect from Germany or Netherlands (or any other country without a broadcast deal with nrl) Go to and stream it. Not full HD but 720p is better than SD.

  • The big problem is that SD tuners were allowed to be sold in the first place. If HD had been mandated from the start, the main channel could have been HD from day 1.

    When I was in a Hardly Normal store during the ‘digital revolution’, I overheard a salesman talking to an older couple who wanted to get a digital set top box for their CRT TV. They asked if they should get the HD box, and the salesman told them that “You won’t get the HD channels on your TV”.

    • I thought the reason why all the channels aren’t in HD is due to frequency spectrum issues? ie, there is not enough frequency bandwidth to allocate to HD channels?

  • The replays are available on Fox sports in hd, like Friday night and Sunday afternoon football on 9

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