You Can Livestream Free-To-Air TV On Your Smartphone Next Month

You Can Livestream Free-To-Air TV On Your Smartphone Next Month
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Freeview is set to release its TV streaming app in November, giving users access to over 15 free-to-air channels on their mobile devices. Here’s what you need to know.

Freeview had teased the release of its Free FV TV mobile app in March but provided few details on how the it would work and when it would be released. At the time the company touted the app, which has been developed for iOS and Android, as a “world-first” in delivering free-to-air TV to mobile devices. Now we finally know when the app will be launched and what it can do.

Freeview FV features include:

  • Live-streaming from all the free-to-air networks
  • Access to all catch-up TV
  • Browse and search free-to-air TV content
  • A free-to-air TV guide
  • A recommendations system

There will be more than 15 free-to-air channels that will be available through Freeview FV and most of them are broadcast in SD. We’re trying to confirm the full list of channels with Freeview and will update this article accordingly.


  • hmm no windows 10 uwp app…i don’t know if i should be upset that i still cant watch freeview stations or overjoyed because i cant watch freeview stations.

    • I emailed them a few months ago asking about an androidTV app, they gave a generic response that only compatable tvs can get it.

      If you know anyone with a sony androidtv you could get the apk and sideload it

  • This is great news! an android emulator like nox or bluestacks or even x86 will give you what you need to watch on a PC.

  • How much data would be involved in downloading a TV show on your phone, are there even any decent plans that cover the amount of data you’d need at a reasonable price? Not to mention the amount of data lost whilst waiting for Freeview to buffer on your phone.

    • nobody will use this via 4g, unless they have unlimited data or a plan with allowances for this.. 99.9% will use at home via wifi.

      • Never understood this propensity for watching a TV show on a tiny screen rather than watching it on the TV which in general is right there in front of them. My son does this too.

          • Where, away from your home do you get WIFI good enough to buffer and watch a TV show or Movie on your phone? the Wifi around your area must be fantastic. Anyway, dig aside, I still don’t understand why you’d want to watch the tiny screen when there are larger more efficient ways to do it. Hey, I don’t do it because I use the phone for more prosaic reasons and I can’t afford the ripoff money they want for Data.

  • Sweet!!! I can now stream like 5 channels dedicated to ads! Or all the other channels that have shows from at least 20 years ago! Oh but I can’t wait for the prime time TV slots. All that reality TV will be sweet in all its glorious compressed standard definition!
    Freeview is so ahead of its time.

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