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Food is fuel, but that fuel is only effective if one consumes it. While it's all fine and good to suggest you eat a thick piece of cauliflower instead of a steak, that suggestion is devoid of joy, and I happen to think joy is pretty important part of eating (and life). However, there are some healthy swaps out there that aren't as dismal, and I bet you all know some good ones. As always, I have some questions.


In the world of dairy-avoidance there are many "milks" that aren't actually milk, and their numbers are growing. The newest non-dairy elixir is oat milk, and people seem to be going crazy for it.


A big bowl of hot pasta, each strand perfectly coated in a creamy sauce, is perhaps the perfect comfort food. If you're not so hot on dairy - or it's not so hot on you - this meal may seem sadly out of your reach. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to make a rich and luscious, pasta-coating sauce without using a single drop of cream or a single pat of butter.