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The plastic card cable organiser manages cords under or behind your desk and keeps cords—like your iPod charging cord—from falling off your desk when unplugged. The idea behind the card cable organizer is exactly the same as previously mentioned Keep-a-Cable, but this DIY version transforms your unused club cards into cable holders with a hole punch and some scissors. Clever.

Card Cable Organizer


If you hate cord clutter but don't have the DIY chops to run wiring through your walls or your crown molding, FlatWire is a paper-thin wire you install directly on your wall and then paint over. Aftering you've installed and painted over the FlatWire, it's supposed to be virtually invisible. The catch: It's not cheap, at $US37 for 25 feet of speaker wire, for example, plus the price of connectors, which run about $25. But then sometimes decluttering your mess of wires comes at a price. If you don't feel like unfurling your big money wad for the FlatWire, check out our top 10 ways to get cables under control on the cheap.



When you finally decide it's time to do something about that rat's nest of cables that's spreading like kudzu, you don't have to spend a lot of time and money to get it under control. Whether you're looking to stow your headphone wires tangle-free in your gym bag, hide the ugly wire spaghetti you keep kicking further under your desk, or organise your gadget chargers and power plugs, we've got some cord management tricks for you. Hit the jump for photos and videos of our top 10 favourite ways to get cables under control.


The Cool Tools weblog features some neat-looking, refastenable cable ties for getting all those wires under your desk under control. The Millepede Cable Ties are basically reusable zip ties, and they sound strong! Cool Tools reader David Perry writes:

The holding strength is amazing. I use them for all my wiring harness applications, but I've also connected multiple ties (the larger burly ones) to fasten down car-top luggage.

Car-top luggage! I'm partial to velcro cable ties myself, but I wouldn't mind a package of these in my stocking. A set of 100 will set you back 25 bucks.

Millepede Cable Ties


If you've got a pile of tangled extension cords (or any kind of long cable) stuffed in your closet, save your toilet and paper towel cardboard tubes. The Unclutterer blog recommends wrapping the long cords and slipping the tube over them for easy, no-tangle storage. You can also use twisty ties, but the cardboard tube seems better suited to thicker cable, and from the looks of it, strings of holiday lights, too.

Storing extension cords


The Unclutterer weblog highlights a simple basket hack for creating a clean and attractive gadget charging station. In short: Find a good looking basket, drill a hole in the bottom, and thread your charging cables through the bottom. It's nothing terribly innovative, but it does look good—so think of it more as a bit of cable-decluttering inspiration for your weekend. For more inspiration, check out these other cord hiding and management solutions.

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